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Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center is Expanding​!

In an effort to best meet the needs of the communities across Northern Alabama, we are growing to include a second animal sheltering facility on our property in Owens Cross Roads. We are incredibly excited to share our plans for the Paull's Puppy Rescue Center.


The Paull's Puppy Rescue Center (PPRC) is a 5,500sqft shelter design to house and care for vulnerable newborns and puppies up to four months of age. PPRC can house up to 32 litters of puppies (maximum of 10 puppies per kennel / 320 puppies overall) at any given time. Each "Puppy Pod" contains eight kennels and is equipped with its own HVAC, plumbing, intake station, wash tubs and laundry in order to drastically reduce the risk of spreading illness.



Construction is scheduled to begin Spring 2020 (funding contingent) with a projected six month construction timeline.


We've spent the past two years on the ground learning the needs of different communities and what we've discovered is the overall homeless puppy population is FAR greater than we originally anticipated. Given their fragile immune systems, the risk for contracting/spreading disease is dramatically increased, resulting in tragic endings for many. When we designed the Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center (HSRC), we did so primarily with adult dogs and cats in mind. As a result, proper housing, isolation and efficiency is an ongoing challenge when caring for puppies. 

To help the greatest volume of animals in the safest, smartest and most efficient way possible, we need to have facilities that are high-functioning every step of the way (from intake to daily care to final relocation). PPRC is the solution.


The addition of PPRC will allow us to:

-Utilize the HSRC for it's intended purposes - high volume adult dog and cat/kitten rescue

-Care for newborn and juvenile puppies in a purpose driven capacity - drastically reducing illness/death and expenses

-Increase the number of animals we are able to rescue by an estimated 2,000 lives per year

-Increase the number of underserved intake facilities that we can support


The creation and construction of the PPRC would not be possible without an incredible team of design and construction professionals, and the selfless donors who make everything achievable. It is exceptionally important to us that the community knows when local businesses step up to support a cause for the sole purpose of improving the lives of those in need. Their hearts are tremendous, generosity is overwhelming, and skills are nothing short of the best.


Our most heartfelt thanks to:

Namesake: The Paull Family - Kori, Joe, Robbie & Sophie - the animals are so lucky to have you. www.Magaero.com


Architecture: Justin Markland of Schoel Markland Architecture - www.SchoelMarkland.com

Excavation & Site Prep: Brandon & Cheryl Davis of Outdoor Solutions - www.OutdoorSolutions4u.com

General Contractor: Darrell Burttram of A&C Builders - DarrellBurttram@yahoo.com


True to our intention with the HSRC, PPRC is designed to be constructed and operated in the most efficient, effective and affordable means possible. There is not a single component in the space that isn't purposeful and built to directly benefit the animals, which means your dollars go that much further. We rely 100% on community support to construct and operate our Rescue Centers. Our current status and existing needs as of March 2020 are as follows:

-Updated construction budget for the fully outfitted 5,500sqft animal shelter: $615,000

-Capital Funds raised: $286,000 (NEEDED: $329,000 to complete construction)

-Projected Operating Budget for approximately 2,000 additional dogs: $275,000 (NEEDED: $137,000 - six months operating funding - prior to opening Fall of 2020)

The only way we can accomplish our goals is through your support. We recognize that there are a number of wonderful charitable organizations you could invest in - therefore we don't take your support lightly. Built on a foundation of unwavering integrity, transparency and accessibility - we can show you exactly how we put YOUR dollars to work for the animals. We take great pride in our ability to maximize each dollar to make the most significant impact possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Rescue Center Founder, Kelly Thompson, with questions or to learn more: Kelly@FelinesCanines.org or Mobile: 630-854-7535


Please consider investing your dollars in the future of the thousands of homeless dogs and cats who are relying on us.

Big or small every dollar brings value. We have a variety of ways you can to give:



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Have another idea? Call Kelly Thompson at 630-854-7535 - we love exploring new options!

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