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Animals rescued to date:

19,364 Dogs & Cats

About The Rescue Center...

The Fast Facts:

-The Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center was founded in 2018

-In 2021 we expanded to include Paull Puppy Rescue Center

-We save more than 300 lives every single month

-We care for hundreds of HW+ and medical case animals

-We welcome FIV+ cats and kittens into our program 

-We lovingly accept senior animals into our program

-We support eight counties across North Alabama  

-We rely 100% on the financial support of the community

The Rescue Center was born out of the necessity to connect the overabundance of unwanted adoptable animals from areas of over saturation to areas of high demand. It was critical to develop both a program and housing facility that could provide immediate refuge, consistent relocation, and on-going support to the animals and communities who need us most. This is the future of rescue and it all begins here...

The Rescue Center fulfills two distinct needs:

1. To provide ongoing relief and drastically reduce the euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats at overpopulated  intake facilities by transferring excess animals out of their facilities and into our program.

2. To provide temporary housing, medical and emotional care to dogs and cats as we prepare them to be relocated from the Rescue Center to ASPCA-approved adoption facilities 2-3 times each week.

With sincerest gratitude to our lifesaving partners
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