The Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center is a private animal housing facility that is not open to the public for adoptions or tours. Our focus with the Rescue Center is solely on rescuing animals in need and relocating them to adoption facilities to find loving, permanent homes. In order to give the animals our undivided attention and keep staffing to a minimum, we can not accommodate drop-ins and do not have a public phone number as it can not be answered consistently. All communications will be done via email and the website. Thank you for your understanding and support in helping us give our animals the best care possible.
Hunter Stephenson Rescue Center

266 Hamer Road

Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763

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FCRC Board Members

Brooke Ray - Huntsville, AL

Candy Stephenson - Huntsville, AL

Jeanne Allen - Huntsville, AL

Jodi Rutenberg - Huntsville, AL

Joe Paull - Huntsville, AL

Lynn Lawler - Athens, AL

Melissa Kronk - Huntsville, AL

Suzanne Carlisle - Athens, AL