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Saving the lives of thousands of "unwanted" dogs and cats every year by connecting the dots between supply and demand

Felines & Canines Rescue Center is not only critical to saving dogs and cats across Northern Alabama - in our opinion, it's essential to the animal welfare community as a whole. What it comes down to is simple supply and demand. Many of our Southern states have far more friendly, social dogs and cats languishing at intake facilities than they have homes for, forcing them to euthanize these "unwanted" pets. At the same time, many Northern states have more loving adopters searching for their new dog or cat than they have friendly/social pets. This forces potential adopters to look elsewhere (like breeders and pet stores) to find their new companion. 

Far too often, the biggest obstacle for the animals at open admission shelters is the lack of time and space. When too many animals are surrendered to these facilities, and not enough adopters are coming to alleviate the overcrowding, it leaves the intake facility with no choice other than to euthanize animals to open up space. By combining a large, safe housing facility, with a 2x per week national relocation program, the Rescue Center is able to consistently offer immediate relief to the overcrowded intake facilities, without becoming overcrowded ourselves. This not only drastically reduces the euthanasia of family pets, but it also fulfills the desire for adoptable animals in the Midwest.

Check out our rescue process:

1. Rescue Center staff visits animal control facilities on set days of each week.

2. Safe/social dogs and cats are identified and tested for behavioral/medical needs.

3. Approved animals are immediately transferred to the Rescue Center (reducing the overcrowding and subsequent euthanasia)

4. Animals then receive the medical, emotional and physical care needed to be safely relocated to our adoption center partners.

5. Twice a week,  the Rescue Center animals are transported by the ASPCA to approved adoption centers across the Midwest.


Key organizational information:

1. We are a licensed 501c3, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter that relies on public donations - EIN: 36-2922975

2. Felines & Canines Rescue Center of Alabama is a DBA of Felines Inc. / Felines & Canines of Chicago

3. All of our receiving adoption centers embrace the same "no-kill" philosophy of no animal will ever be euthanized for any reason other than extreme behavioral or medical issues. Once an animal is welcomed into Rescue Center they are "family for life" - meaning we will always welcome them back into our program with open arms - no matter what, no matter when. 

Check out the short video below to view first hand the challenges these overcrowded intake facilities experience, and the solution that the Rescue Center is able to provide...

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